The Girlfriend Activation System V2 is a revised and updated version of a wildly successful confidence-building and girlfriend-getting course for men. Rather than teaching men how to pick up a large number of women, the Girlfriend Activation System (or GFAS) teaches men how to recognize and attract high-quality women who are more apt to become long-term girlfriends.

GFAS V2More importantly, the GFAS program gives step-by-step guidelines on how to attract these women, regardless of a man’s physical attributes, financial status, or previous dating history. This Girlfriend Activation System review explains everything in tremendous detail, so check that out if you’re still thirsting for more juicy details after reading my quick GFAS review below.

What You Get

The Girlfriend Activation System is divided into 23 different video modules, each focusing on a very specific step in the whole dating process. The initial videos in the series discuss basic laws of attraction that work on all women.

This falls into the category of “masculine power”, and the coaches discuss the theoretical psychology behind typically masculine traits like dominance, confidence, sexual energy, and genuineness. Even better, the coaches give specific examples of how even the most average-looking guy can incorporate these characteristics into his personality, essentially turning himself into the proverbial “chick magnet.”

The program transitions between several different male coaches, making the program a little difficult to follow at first. But each dating expert has his unique areas of specialty. So the program begins to make much more sense after viewing more of the individual modules.

The Girlfriend Activation System 2.0 is boosted by the appearance of several female assistants in the videos as well. The girls act out dating scenarios with the coaches, like when discussing how to land the very first kiss. But the women also offer their own unique insights into the female psyche, revealing the reasons why cheesy pick-up lines usually don’t work on more logical-thinking women, and explaining why certain techniques really get women turned on.

The Obsession Story

From the very beginning, the coaches refer to a woman’s “Obsession Story”. Every woman has one, and every story is different. For those men who really want to win a girl over for a long-term relationship, the coaches insist they discover her secret obsession story early in the relationship.

Of course, you can’t simply ask a woman to explain her obsession story. First of all, she probably won’t know what you’re talking about. Secondly, if you try to get her to explain the type of man she wants, she’ll probably give you the standard stock answer, “I want someone loyal, trustworthy, and funny.”

Women tend to leave out the juicier details like, “I want a man who will throw me up against the wall and make love to me.” And who can blame them? There are a lot of creepy guys out there. Instead, The Girlfriend Activation System demonstrates more creative techniques for uncovering these deep, dark secrets.

The King Game

Fear of rejection can be a major obstacle to finding a quality girlfriend. Many of us begin experiencing this terrible feeling from our very first grammar school dance, and sometimes it never goes away. The Girlfriend System gives specific techniques that help the average guy-next-door get past these feelings of inadequacy.

The other option is to use The King Game. This is a step-by-step technique taught inside the GFAS that teaches men how to get women to chase them instead. Sneaky? Maybe. Effective? Absolutely!

Of course, many of the conversations that take place in the video modules might not be considered politically correct. So try to keep an open mind as you travel from module to module. For example, an essential step in any relationship is that very first “sex date.” The coaches go into significant detail here, even discussing the types of mood lighting to use in the apartment, what kinds of alcohol to have on-hand, and even how to move the conversation into the bedroom.

Pros And Cons

Because the Girlfriend Activation System is marketed as a “how-to” program for the average guy, the coaches offer information and guidelines that will be useful to a wide variety of men. Some techniques will hit home with older, divorced men. Others will appeal to the younger 20-something guy who is just getting out of college. But nearly every milestone in the dating cycle is discussed in detail, from initiating that very first conversation to cementing the relationship with regular, passionate sex.

Other pros and cons include:

PRO: This program is designed for the thinking man. Many of the dating tips are supported by scientific case studies. So the program is a lot less creepy than many of those other “how to pick up girls” courses.

PRO: The coaches dive right into the topic at hand, almost as soon as the video starts. Viewers don’t have to deal with 5-minute introductions, which can be extremely annoying.

PRO: The coaches seem very approachable. They are not egotistical pretty boys or overly cocky bodybuilders. They also present the information in a way that is very easy to understand.

CON: There are times when information is discussed from the earlier release of The Girlfriend Activation System. Luckily, that first release is also provided on the site, free of charge.

CON: It may take some time to get used to the different personalities of the six different coaches.

CON: The $67 purchase fee might seem a bit steep for some, but the website offers a 365-Day Money Back Guarantee, too.

Many of the coaches’ techniques may seem contradictory to what you’ve picked up in conversations with your sisters or their girlfriends. But these guys speak from their own real-life experiences, and they actually walk the walk. They offer both positive and negative dating stories to back up their techniques.

For those who need answers to more detailed questions, the SM community forum is included at no extra cost. And the video coaches monitor this forum regularly, too, occasionally jumping in and answering many of the questions themselves. All in all, this is the course you want if you’re looking to turn one incredible woman into your girlfriend.